Looking for a perfect headshot? We can take it! Book a date with us today, and we will prepare a professional photo shoot for you. Together with make-up and hair artist, our session assistant will help you shine, and emphasize the most wonderful side of you.


Body pictures

Professional body pictures are one of the most important requirements for international companies. Prepare your pictures in a way that stands out amongst others. Our photoshoot includes working with hair and, make-up artist, as well as session assistant who will help you find the most desirable body poses.


Resume (CV)

There is no single recipe for a perfect resume. Specific jobs need specific resumes. Do you need help? Let us know what is your dream job, and we will edit your resume in Polish and English language.



What are the characteristics of a professional reel? Want to create a video that encourages directors and ensures them you are the best person for this role?

Reel is your most important business card. Book a date with ABAgency, and we will create the most unique video, that will present the strongest, and most beautiful side of you. Booking includes studio shots with a videographer, and then professional edit together with selection of your personal videos from shows, competitions, projects or classes.

Reel is your most important attribute.


Full Portfolio

Full portfolio is our most attractive set. Contact us and we will create a complete audition package for you: headshot, body pictures, resume and showreel at the best price offer. Invest in yourself and create a professional portfolio followed by international standards and requirements.


Dance technique classes

Dance technique classes are a great way to improve your skills, and learn about your strength and weaknesses. It’s a  guarantee of growth and development in a short period of time. Classes are held privately or in small groups, so our experienced teachers are able to focus on your individual goals. During classes we will work on improvements such as: body control, flow of movement, movement dynamics, musicality, turns, jumps, and much more.


10h Audition
Technique Program

Are you dreaming of an international career, but stress ruins your auditions? Or maybe you are going for an audition abroad, and you don’t know what to expect? Without a doubt, you could not find a better place for help, since ABAgency is the only center in Poland truly specializing in casting technique workshops. Aneta’s Bury author 10h program is based on years of experiences from auditions in New York, Miami and London. Program includes: fast learning, dynamic improvisation, perfecting your favorite tricks, as well as lots of theoretical information about auditions (casting requirements, submissions, audition websites, importance of specific outfits, and many more). Last session of our program is mock audition (trial), run by a script from everyday New York audition. Mock audition is followed by personalized detailed feedback.

Prepare yourself before going abroad, don’t let anyone surprise you, and show yourself from the most spectacular side.


Motor and strength preparation

Starting a contract means learning shows, and long rehearsal hours, which is the most intense period of the whole contract. It is also the time that most injuries occur.

Motor and strength preparation is an individual program focusing on building your form for this demanding and dynamic time. The goal of the program is strengthening your body, with concentration on your weakest muscles, building your stamina, and improving your body physique. Starting your contract with top form, will not only make the rehearsal process easier, but also decrease risk of injuries.

The main goal of the program is to strengthen your physique, build your stamina, and improve the sculpting of your body.


Order the service

Contact us today and we will help you achieve your goals. Our experienced specialists are waiting for your call or e-mail.

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