AB Agency is an international artistic agency based in Poland, specializing in securing professional contracts for dancers, vocalists, and acrobats.

The agency’s mission is to assemble exceptional talents and create opportunities for success at all stages of their careers.



AB Agency: Artistic Agency based in Poland. We specialize in building   international careers for dancers, vocalists and acrobats.

We partner with international cruise ship companies who produce a variety of production shows and Broadway musicals.

Our mission is to create a worldwide database of individual talents to help them gain experience to develop their career with top cruise ship companies.


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What we can do for you

Besides acquiring international cruise ship contracts, ABAgency helps with preparing a perfect portfolio. We offer everything from creating individual promotional videos and photos to writing a specific resume. We also lead dance, and motor/strength technique workshops.

To ensure we can prepare you for all international auditions, we have created the AB 10 hour casting technique program what will cover all aspects of a successful audition. This program will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to ensure you shine at auditions all around the world.



AB Agency is looking for professional dancers in ages 17- 30 years old. Artists must represent professional level in minimum one dance style and have a strong, athletic physique. Necessary requirement is having a professional portfolio to be verified by AB Agency.

Thank you for your interests in AB Agency. Please send submissions filling an online form below.

* All submissions will get a response e-mail from AB Agency. Please send repeated submissions not earlier than after 6 months.

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